See Schoology’s New Assessments and Enhanced Questions

Assessing students is one of the most vital parts of the education experience. Schoology has drastically improved not only how teachers build assessments but how students engage with them. We have built out a brand new workflow designed to make it easier for teachers to build out engaging assessment with over 15 enhanced questions (image highlighting, hotspots, math formulas, etc.).  

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Key Enhancements

  • First phase of the replacement for Test/Quiz
  • Updated workflow that makes it easier to access advanced features and create engaging assessments
  • The same basic questions you already know, plus 15 enhanced questions (e.g. Label Image, Highlight Image and Hotspot, Highlight Text, Charting, etc.)

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"Schoology’s new assessments will really help teachers make assessments more than just tests. The additional question types are amazing and I love the new accessibility features that will allow my students to have some ownership in what they need. I see so many possibilities in the classroom."

Melissa Stanton
Intervention Specialist and iPad Teacher
Liberty-Benton Middle School, Findlay, OH