Video 1: What’s New This Year With Schoology

Presenters: Kelsey Collins, Product Manager at Schoology & Mike Indeglio, Instructional Design Team at Schoology

Schoology gets updated regularly with new features but we know that most users don’t want to impact their students’ experience throughout the year. In this quick video, we review some of our recent releases that you may have missed to make sure you are getting the most out of Schoology this year.

Video 2: Are You New Here? First Steps With Schoology

Presenter: Mike Indeglio, Instructional Design Team at Schoology

Are you a new Schoology user? We’ll walk you through the best way to get started as an instructor. From walking through the Schoology layout to getting your course set up, we’ll have everything you need to ensure a great 2018–2019 school year.

Video 3: Looking to Up Your Game? Next Steps With Schoology

Presenters: Mike Indeglio, Instructional Design Team at Schoology

Ready to take your district to the next level? Let’s go over some advanced ways to use Schoology in order to make your classroom experience amazing.

Video 4: Elevate Your Assessments This Year with Schoology

Presenters: Mike Indeglio, Instructional Design Team at Schoology & Lisa Bona, Manager of Professional Development at Schoology

Assessing students is a vital part of the learning experience. Schoology has a number of different tools—from Course Assessments to our Assessment Management Platform (AMP)—to help you assess students. In this video, we’ll review the different ways you can use Schoology to assess students in your classroom. We’ll also take a high-level look at using AMP for Common Assessments.

Day 5 – So You Have an LMS … Now What!? 4 Ways to Elevate Your Instruction

Hosts: Tara Amsterdam, Instructional Technology Coach at Colonial School District, Glen Irvin, Technology Integrationist at Sauk Rapids-Rice H.S., Kristie Burk, K-12 Coordinator of Cyber and Blended Learning at Downingtown Cyber Academy, & Cory Klinge, Instructional Excellence Coordinator at Eden Prairie Schools

LMSs can be catalysts to brave new worlds of educational transformation but only if you know how to use it. Four educators and admins share next-level strategies and tactics for using an LMS to transform learning experiences.

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Tips from the Schoology Community.
Here are some innovative ways educators just like you are using Schoology.

Tips from Several Schoology Educators

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Tips from Schoology's Ambassador of the Year

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