Making the Move from Schoology Basic to Schoology Enterprise

Upgrading your school or district to Schoology Enterprise brings teachers, students and parents together in one place. By adopting Schoology Enterprise your school or district gets access to communication and collaboration tools that improve teaching and learning.

Schoology Enterprise Vs. Schoology Basic

Unique Features & Benefits Available Only to Schoology Enterprise Districts

  • SIS integration for rostering & grade passback: Schoology Enterprise integrates with your SIS, meaning that on the first day of the school year all your students are enrolled in the right courses and their grades are always synced with your SIS
  • District-wide training & support: Schoology Enterprise comes with professional support (call, chat, and email) for your district
  • Roles & permissions that match your district: Schoology Enterprise lets administrators create roles and permissions that match your hierarchy of users, schools, and buildings (for example, using the advisee role for support staff—reading specialist, special ed teacher, etc.—to see student progress without being a course admin)
  • Easy sharing of curated content: Groups and shared resources allow teachers and administrators to standardize and manage content across the entire school or district
  • Usage & school analytics: Schoology Enterprise comes with district-level analytics for understanding adoption and engagement by all stakeholders—students, parents, and teachers
  • Enhanced teaching & learning experiences: Get classroom enhancements such as course sections to allow instructors to manage multiple classrooms from a single master course, mastery views to track students against learning objectives, and native audio and video recording across the platform
  • App Center with all your edtech tools: Gain access to the 200+ pre-built content and administrative apps teachers can implement in their classrooms
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