7 Helpful Resources to Enhance Your Digital Instruction Efforts

Education has become such a broad discipline, with new strategies and technologies being developed all the time. Keeping up can be challenging, but our Digital Instruction Toolkit has what you need to start doing just that.

This Digital Instruction Toolkit is packed with useful resources, including:

  • 7 Simple Ways to Set Up Your Courses with an LMS | eBook
    There are so many different ways to set up your digital courses in your LMS. Find out 7 of the tried and true methods, their pros and cons, and even what they look like in practice.

  • What is the Flipped Classroom? | Blog Post
    Yeah. What IS the Flipped Classroom? How’s it different than flipped learning? Learn the answers to these questions along with the Principles of FLIP and how to flip your classroom.

  • So You Have an LMS … Now What? 4 Ways to Elevate Your Instruction | Video
    Join four elite educators as they share their personal stories and strategies on how an LMS can be used to transform learning.

  • The Definitive Guide to Building a Great Blended Learning Program | eBook
    Explore what blended learning means beyond the definition, the “Three E’s” of a successful program, and even what great digital learning looks like in a real lesson example.

  • SAMR Model: A Practical Guide for EdTech Integration | Blog Post
    What is the SAMR Model? How can it be used inside the classroom and even modeled outside the classroom? Find out in this blog post.

  • How to Implement Choice-Based Learning in Your Blended Classroom | Article
    Teachers recognize the value of giving students voice and choice in their learning but it can be hard to know where to start. This guide covers how to do that.

  • The TPACK Framework Explained (With Classroom Examples) | Blog Post
    Learn what the TPACK Framework is, why it’s important for meaningful technology use, and how to apply it to an example lesson plan.

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