Why Use Google and Schoology Together?

You want to help your teachers engage students, save time, and grow as professionals. That’s why you chose Google. But success in digital learning requires more than just productivity tools. This is where Schoology’s full-featured learning management system (LMS) and Google integration can help.

Schoology K-12 Learning Management System Demo

Schoology & Google: The Perfect Classroom Combo

  • Integration with Google: Schoology has integrations with Google, allowing you build dynamic, student-centered courses using your Google tools, collaborating on Google documents, and using Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides for assignments.
  • Integration with all of your tools: Schoology integrates with all your existing technologies—SIS, Google, Microsoft, publisher content, and much more. Our platform is designed to be the single place for you and your instructors to go for all their needs.
  • Support your vision of learning: Schoology’s full-featured LMS supports any instructional practice with tools for differentiating, individualizing, and personalizing learning; gamification; flipped learning; standards-based mastery learning, et al.
  • Assessments and Analysis: Schoology makes creating and delivering assessments easy within a course or collaboratively across a district. And a powerful gradebook connected to your SIS, with built in assessment analytics can turn assessment data into better student outcomes.

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