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Education requires coordination between many moving parts in and beyond the classroom. Schoology makes it easier to manage it all by connecting the people, content, and systems that are key to success.

Below, you can follow three fictional characters to see how our LMS benefits their day to day.

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Instructor Walkthrough

With all the buzz around blended learning these days, Ms. Alonzo wants to leverage the Schoology LMS to enhance face-to-face interactions in her classroom. Check out how she uses it to build out her digital learning environment, plan lessons, manage her class, enable communication and collaboration among students, and increase engagement across the board.

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Student Walkthrough

Digital natives (a.k.a. any of today’s students) expect all of their content to be in one easy-to-access place. Learn how Roxanne uses the Schoology LMS on her iPad to support her everyday activities like keeping track of assignments and interacting with other classmates. She also uses Schoology to keep up with her student government group and volleyball team.

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Parent Walkthrough

Gone are the days of parents waiting around for report cards. With Schoology’s LMS, parents can use their own login to track progress their students are making. See how Adam, Roxanne’s father, uses Schoology on his smartphone to check on her grades, gain a deeper understanding of her workload, see what’s happening with her extracurricular activities.

See Schoology in action

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“Schoology has been a game changer for us. It’s the glue that holds what we’re doing together.”

Brent Peterson, Technology Specialist
Sweet Home Middle School