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Adopting your first learning management system (LMS) or replacing an existing one is a big deal. That's why we hosted LMS Week—five straight days of 45-minute sessions to answer all your questions about LMSs and set you up to make the right edtech decisions for the 2018-19 school year.

In case you missed it or you just want to rewatch one of the sessions, we've shared them all below. 

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Day 1 – Vision Setting: How to Set Your EdTech Strategy Up for Long-Term Success

Hosts: David Wallace, 6-12 Instructional Coach at Fairbanks Local School District, & Kellie Ady, Director of Instructional Strategy at Schoology

Without a thoughtful, well-communicated vision, no education or edtech initiative can reach its potential. In this session, we’ll discuss vision, what it is, how to build it, and how to communicate it effectively.

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Day 2 – Wait, an LMS Can Do That? Exploring the Modern LMS

Hosts: Tim Holt, Director of Innovation Pilots at El Paso ISD, & Adam Larson, Director of Educational Strategy at Schoology

In order to effectively make the case for adopting a modern LMS, you need to know exactly what it is and how it impacts the day-to-day of teachers, students, administrators, and parents. This session covers all of that. 

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Day 3 – Key Considerations When Selecting an LMS for YOUR School or District

Hosts: Bob Schuetz, Technology Coordinator at Township High School District 211, & Michael Indeglio, Instructional Designer at Schoology

LMSs aren’t what they used to be. This session will focus on the questions you need to consider when evaluating LMSs to make sure you get one that will meet the needs of your stakeholders, transform learning, etc.

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Day 4 – Rolling Out Your LMS: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Hosts: Gareth Eve, Teacher/Innovation Learning Leader, & Ron Keoleian, Teacher / K-12 Technology Integration Coordinator at Troy School District, & MK Lyons, Client Success Manager at Schoology

What’s the optimal strategy for rolling out an LMS? How can you ensure wide adoption and positive experiences with all different types of faculty and students? This session explores this all important process.

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Day 5 – So You Have an LMS … Now What!? 4 Ways to Elevate Your Instruction

Hosts: Tara Amsterdam, Instructional Technology Coach at Colonial School District, Glen Irvin, Technology Integrationist at Sauk Rapids-Rice H.S., Kristie Burk, K-12 Coordinator of Cyber and Blended Learning at Downingtown Cyber Academy, & Cory Klinge, Instructional Excellence Coordinator at Eden Prairie Schools

LMSs can be catalysts to brave new worlds of educational transformation but only if you know how to use it. Four educators and admins share next-level strategies and tactics for using an LMS to transform learning experiences.

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