Give your district the power of a real K-12 LMS

Some of the most common questions we get from districts are around Google Classroom and a full-fledged LMS—What are the differences? Why use one tool over the other? How will an LMS impact my district?

Tools like Google Classroom are a great first step to digitalizing the classroom, but they don’t cover the full teaching and learning experience of today's students.

In this webinar, Tara Amsterdam, Instructional Technology Coach at Colonial, dives into the impact her district has seen since upgrading to a full-fledged LMS.

Upgrade your classrooms today:

  • Bring Your Community Together: Students who are engaged—not just with teachers, but with parents, coaches, and guidance counselors—have the best chance for positive outcomes.
  • Designed for District Success: Schoology includes valuable analytics tools at both the district and course level, providing the data you need for continuous improvement.
  • Integrate with All Your Tools: Schoology integrates with all your existing technology—SIS, Google, Microsoft, and more—acting as your central hub for all things teaching and learning.
  • Enhance Your Teaching Experience: With Schoology you can create engaging experiences for students of all ages. Create more than just tests and discussions—assessments, assignments, homework, videos, walkthroughs, and more—in a single interface.

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